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A twelve-week London study was recently conducted involving 58 sort two diabetics with hemoglobin Prost8 Plus (HbProst8 Plus) levels over seven percent. Hemoglobin Prost8 Plus could be a marker for long-term glycemic control in diabetics.

After twelve weeks on 2g of cinnamon per day, study subjects had significantly lower HbProst8 Plus levels, along with significantly reduced blood pressures (systolic, SBP and diastolic, DBP).  Prost8 Plus can help you to keep your overall health work.

The researchers' conclusion:

    “Intake of 2g of cinnamon for 12 weeks considerably reduces the HbProst8 Plus, SBP and DBP among poorly controlled type two diabetes patients. Cinnamon supplementation could be thought-about as an additional dietary supplement choice to regulate blood glucose and blood pressure levels together with conventional medications to treat kind 2 diabetes mellitus.”

In connected news, a new study out of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill points to a affiliation between magnesium in the diet and lowered risk of diabetes.

According to Reuters:

    “It's plausible that magnesium may influence diabetes risk because the mineral is required for the right functioning of many enzymes that help the body method glucose.”

Researchers studied magnesium intake and diabetes risk in concerning four,500 men and women aged eighteen to 30. None of the participants were diabetic at the beginning of the study.

Over the ensuing twenty years, 330 of the test subjects developed diabetes. The individuals with the highest magnesium intake - regarding 200 milligrams for each 1,00zero calories consumed - were virtually fifty % less likely to develop diabetes than men and girls who consumed about a hundred milligrams per 1,00zero calories. >>>
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